[Resolved] [Closed] Reactivation of account _D95486

My account has not been reactive after sharing screenshot of kyc validation, unable to operate my account and even my portfolio stocks are not visible. How this all solve pls reply bez your customer care number is not even connecting me to the agent to solve my query I tried many many times .

Hi @Explorerdeepali Please share your Client ID so that we can investigate the issue further?

Hi team it’s D95486 please share the information where and when I can able to see my portfolio shares in angleone

Hi @Explorerdeepali Here is how you can see your portfolio shares in Angel One:

  • If you are using the Angel One app:
    • Log in to the Angel One app.
    • Tap on the Portfolio tab.
    • You will see a list of all your investments, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs.
    • You can also view your portfolio by segment (equity, debt, etc.), product type (delivery, intraday, etc.), market cap, sector, and stock type.
  • On the Angel One website:
    • Log in to the Angel One website.
    • Click on the Portfolio tab.
    • You will see a list of all your investments, as on the app.

Please note that you can view your portfolio shares anytime, 24x7. However, the prices of your investments will be updated only during market hours.

Hi @AngelOne you are not getting my point I know how to see se portfolio please tell me that y it’s is not showing on my angleone account and I share kyc screenshot with your team. Why this happens and even I am tried calling team many times, but just listen automated message no agent is their to respond and now i am loosing my patience.

I also have some issue, i have done my kyc and NSDL verification, but i am not able yo see my portfolio. Kindly look into it. Here is my ID:- H53982

Exactly same thing is going with me, there no who can explain this. This is major issue, don’t ignor it. We want immediate assistance.

Hi @Explorerdeepali Sorry for the misunderstanding, we have communicated the issue to the relevant team, we understand that this might have been frustrating but we’d request you to kindly bear with us for some more time, while the team looks into the issue, we’ll update you as soon as we get an update.

Hey @Harsh Thank you for sharing your valuable inputs, and for sharing your Client ID, as mentioned in the above thread, we have communicated about the issue to the relevant team and will share an update on the same soon.

Hi @Explorerdeepali We checked with the team regarding your issue and we have been informed that it has been resolved. They also told us that the same has been communicated to you, please let us know if you are able to access the account or if you are still facing the issue, happy to help!

@AngelOne Hi team thanks for support and yes now my account is activated and I am able to trade. Thanks for the showing so much aglility. Just a feedback I need to mention here that please do work your calling support executives bez really they are not pick up the calls at the time of needs , take it as feedback by your valuable client. And except this all is best services which you guys are providing us great work team thanks once again. Always happy to be in your family.

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@Explorerdeepali We are happy to know that your issue has been resolved and thank you for sharing the detailed feedback, we will get this raised within the concerned department so that they can improve the process and provide quick resolution.

@AngelOne please solve my issue also. your KRA link showing something went wrong please try again later . From 1 month i am trying it is not working at all . And it is showing contact angelone support team so please help me it is very frustrating and i am losing my patience. Here is my client id C195545

Hi @Chetan Welcome to the Angel One Community! Thanks for sharing your issue with us, we’ll get the team to look into the issue. For better assistance in this case, would request you to kindly check your DM and respond to the requested details about the case.

HI @Chetan The team tried reaching out to you however they were not able to connect. Please let us know if you are still facing the issue?

Hii @AngelOne thanks for the cooperation and helping me out. The issue has been solved and now i am able to view my portfolio. Thanks a lot :blush:

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