[Resolved] Account Activation delay process

I have registered for Angel account on 5th march. Till now it is not yet activated.
Every day I see status as we have received the documents and it takes 3 days for activation.
It is more than 5 days and still not activated.
I couldn’t see client id or other for reference. I have my mobile number.
Can I get support @AngelOne

Hi @Chandrakala Sorry to hear about the delays that may have caused inconveniences to you. Since there is no private messaging option here on Community & we do not encourage our clients to share their private information publicly, we request you to visit this link: https://wa.angelone.in/lTSRV3mE and share your details. We’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

@AngelOne Thank You for quick response. I have submitted the form/details.
Kindly resolve ASAP and would appreciate if I can get account activated by Monday.

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@AngelOne Its Monday and the problem is still not resolved. Tried contacting from registered mobile number but it doesn’t connect from angel app. Kindly let me know if you really have issue activating account. Better I have to go with other brokerage apps.

@AngelOne Can you please update me.

@AngelOne My account is activated. Thank you

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