[Resolved] Account activation and customer care related

After research of 7-10 days I opened my account with angel one but I am highly dissatisfied with your services as:

  1. On opening account I didn’t received any call yet to help me out regarding account opening process.

  2. Even if there is no problem you must make a call to new customer as a welcome gesture and what services you are offering.

  3. While account opening there is no option of uploading sign as signing on mobile screen is not working properly.

  4. Although I received client code but on logging getting error message “Invalid user ID”

  5. Even after verifying mobile number and email while logging on app not receiving any otp on email.

  6. Yesterday on app application status was “activation under progress” which is third step

  7. But even after getting activation confirmation mail app is now showing “application under review” which is second step

  8. Most important I am not able to contact customer care even after opening my account and getting client code.

  9. Also yesterday while checking out your app it was showing there are currently no open ipo’s. But in reality it is not the case.

Sorry to say but on technical front your app is full of glitches and bugs. And on customer support I would like to award a big zero out of 100 as it is of no use as I am even unable to raise my query.

Hi @p_agrawal Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback about your experience with Angel One. We sincerely apologize that you’ve encountered several issues during your account opening process and initial usage of our services. We understand how frustrating this must be, and we’re committed to getting this resolved for you as quickly as possible.

To understand your situation better and provide the most efficient support, we would appreciate it if you could share your client code with us via direct message. This will allow us to access your specific account details and investigate the issues you’ve reported.

Here’s what we’ll do next:

  • Review your client code : Once you share it in a DM, we’ll immediately investigate the issues you’ve mentioned, such as the invalid user ID message, missing IPO listing, and account status discrepancies.
  • Address technical concerns : We’ll review the reported app glitches and bugs to ensure they are addressed promptly and thoroughly.
  • Improve onboarding process : We’ll provide feedback to the relevant teams to ensure that new customers receive a smooth and welcoming experience, including any necessary guidance and welcome calls.

We assure you that we take your feedback seriously and are actively working to improve both our onboarding process and technical infrastructure. We’re also working on enhancing our customer support channels to ensure that everyone receives prompt and helpful assistance.

In reference to your mail my client id is


Firstly my client id is P55725317

Still I not able to contact customer care. On ivrs I am getting response “Kripya registered mobile no. se call kare”

Also in ipo section demat account is disabled and I am unable to download red hearing prospectus.

Moreover angel one is claiming instant account opening but even after 3 days my demat account has been not yet activated.

Last but not the least angel one must not fool new customers. Atleast you must provide proper arrangements for new customer to get rid of various problems that customer face while account opening.

You are a broker since 1996 but your customer care facility is of no use.

I would like to suggest that better you pack off your customer care facility. It’s very shameful for me also while writing this mail but if this kind of services and customer care facilities is a big question mark on the dignity of so called old and famous full service broker “Angel One”

My account is not open jab ki mane 8 Jan ko sab documents submit kar Diya tha…fir bhi no reply …?

My :id: is GADVA1064 IN 8JAN … TODAY 18 JAN …but not open in my account

Hi @p_agrawal We regret the delay caused in your case but our team informed us that your account has been activated. The team tried to reach out to you but couldn’t connect. We’d request you to please refer to our new Angel One application latest version now and follow the below procedure once for logging. If you still face any issues, please share with us the snapshot/screenshot of the error message rejection. So that we can check and investigate the same.

  1. Enter your User ID or Mobile Number. You will get the OTP to your registered email and mobile number.
  2. Enter the M-pin number or Fingerprint.

Here is the reference ticket number 15831916.

Hi @ATULDVYAS We’d request you to kindly create a support ticket, following the procedures mentioned in this article > Solve Your Queries Faster by Creating Tickets | Angel One

Once you have the ticket created, please share the ticket number with us and we’ll help you to expedite the case.

Its been 3 days my account is still under review,please check into guys…

Hi @Nishant18 Can you please help us with the ticket reference number? We’ll help you expedite the case.

Where do i get ticket refrence number?

Have you created a support ticket? If not, we’d request you to kindly create a support ticket for your case to be registered with us, you can create a ticket here Solve Your Queries Faster by Creating Tickets | Angel One

My account is not yet activated therefore i cannot create a support ticket you guys should know this
My query is regarding my account activation its been more than 3 days still not activated. Please look into this matter.

Also showing web page is not available if im trying to create a ticket…

Any update on my account activation??