Railway's Grand Sweep: The Ministry's Special Campaign 3.0 Transforms Indian Railways

From Cleanliness to Efficiency - A Nation-Wide Endeavour to Reclaim Space and Resolve Grievances.

In a remarkable initiative, the Ministry of Railways in India has embarked on Special Campaign 3.0 with unwavering enthusiasm and determination. This campaign has touched every corner of Indian Railways, spanning across Zonal Headquarters, Divisional Offices, Production Units, RDSO, Training Institutes, Public Sector Undertakings, and an extensive network of over 7000 railway stations.

The Railway has set a staggering target of 10,722 Cleanliness Campaigns to be conducted by October 31, 2023, which is already in full swing. Special emphasis is placed on scrap disposal in offices and workplaces, with the ambitious goal of freeing up 3,18504 square feet of valuable space.

To realize these ambitious objectives, more than 5,297 cleanliness campaigns have been executed as of October 13, 2023, resulting in a transformative impact on the railway ecosystem. What’s more, over 1.02 lakh public grievances have been successfully resolved, offering an improved experience for passengers and staff alike.

The campaign’s dedicated focus on scrap disposal has led to the liberation of an astounding 397,619 square feet of space. Simultaneously, approximately Rs. 66.83 lakh (approximately) in revenue has been generated through the disposal of office scrap, exemplifying an efficient and sustainable approach.

Additionally, the scrutiny of more than 51,954 files further underscores the Ministry of Railways’ commitment to streamlining operations, ensuring that the railway network continues to serve the nation with excellence.

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