Questions regarding MTF

  1. what is the maximum leverage provided by angle one for mtf trading for a client . this was the response from dhan " Please be informed that no client would be funded beyond Rs.50,00,000/- (Fifty Lakhs Only) which shall be subject to RMS policy. Exposure to single stock shall be 20% of total funded amount allowed, single stock concentration should not be go beyond Rs. 10,00,000."

  2. how to place a stop loss for mtf stock the next day of buying it.

i was using dhan before
like when buying with mtf option i would buy with sl-limit order when sl is not triggered the sl order gets cancelled and the mtf stock would appear on my portfolio the next day.

is there a way to place stop loss for such holding stocks. ( something like forever sl order)

  1. if stop loss not set does angelone square off the position automatically if there is loss of certain percentage