Purchased SGB not showing in angel one app

I have purchased 2 sgb from angel one app and I got the certificates from ekuber but in the app that’s not yet showing under sgb investment. Can some one help or is this the expected behaviour?

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Hey @Chandrahaspnaik Can you please share your Client ID with us? We’ll get this looked into.

I have purchased 1 SGB on December 2023 and got certificate from RBI and still not showing in my portfolio .
SBG screen show it will update in your portfolio on 09th January but noting happened yet.

Pls short out this issues asap.


Client ID: P658434

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Hi @P658434 We’ll get this looked into.

Same problem with me

Hi @AngelOne,

I also have the same problem. I have bought 11 jnit of sgb. It is still not showing in mh portfolio in angelone. But it is showing in cdsl… May i know when i can see the units in angelone??

Hi @AngelOne same problem with me…

The Same problem with me too. I have bought 5 gram of SGB in December but it shows in my portfolio that I invested 0

Hello ! I have bought units of SGB in december "23. It is still not showing in my portfolio in Angelone till date Please confirm when i can see the units in your app.

Similar Issue!!!
I purchased SGB through the Angel One app on December 26, 2023, and received the certificates and Bond from eKuber by email; however, the app has not yet been updated and does not show any SBG investment details.
I contacted customer service, and their 14-day waiting period is also gone; where do I complain?

Client ID: S336258

Hello @9744366752! Please check the investment module on the app, as the price and value for clients with allotments should be updated there. The listing date was on January 30, 2024, so you should see the updated information now. If you still face issues, feel free to reach out to customer service for further assistance.