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Upper Circuit Stock: Akash Bhanshali Holds Over 2% in Pan Electronics

Notably, the stock has surged by an astonishing 663.33% over the past three years, with a nearly 80% jump in the last year alone.In last 3-months it has advanced by 59.13%

The Indian markets experienced a significant downturn, with frontline indices declining nearly 0.80% amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. This downward trend extended to the broader markets, witnessing a sharp sell-off, with Nifty Mid-cap and Small-cap indices down by 1.11% and 0.95%, respectively.

Pan Electronics (India) Ltd: A Beacon Amidst the Turbulence

Amidst this chaos, one stock stands out, with Pan Electronics (India) Ltd. locked at an upper circuit of almost 5%. The company specializes in manufacturing metallised plastic films in India for the capacitor industry. Notably, the stock has consistently hit upper circuits, marking its fifth consecutive surge in stock price, pushing it above the Rs 50 mark.

Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Resilient Performance

What sets this stock apart amidst market turbulence? The answer lies in its shareholding pattern. As of March 2024, Akash Manek Bhanshali holds a significant 2.50% stake in the company.

Despite market upheavals, Pan Electronics (India) Ltd. has delivered impressive returns across various timeframes. It boasts positive returns in the 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, Year-to-Date (YTD), 1-year, and 3-year performances. Notably, the stock has surged by an astonishing 663.33% over the past three years, with a nearly 80% jump in the last year alone. In the last 3-months and YTD, it has advanced by 59.13% and 53.08%, respectively.

Trading close to its 52-week high, the stock demonstrates robust investor confidence. Its 52-week high and low stand at Rs 50.57 and Rs 26, respectively. Furthermore, the trading volume for April 15 stands at 7,183 shares.

Strong Promoter Backing and Investor Interest

Notably, 70.67% of the company is held by its promoters, while Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) have a minimal 0.08% exposure. The public holds approximately 29.25% of the shares, indicating sustained investor interest.

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