Order Slicing: Break Free from Freeze Limits | Now available on AngelOne Web & App

In the ever-evolving landscape of online trading, executing large orders seamlessly is a key factor in achieving trading success. We are excited to introduce “Order Slicing,” a feature designed to simplify the way traders place orders in the FnO segments. With order slicing, you can overcome freeze quantity limitations set by the exchanges and put as many quantities as you would like to trade in one go.

Placing orders that exceed the exchange’s Freeze limit for FnO contracts can be challenging. These limitations often disrupt trading strategies and require traders to find workarounds like - placing multiple separate orders with freeze quantity, running an algo to place multiple orders for you, etc. Just to enter into a position.

This process now, will become simplified with AngelOne’s order slicing,

For example -

You want to place a substantial order of 720 lots for Nifty options contracts, while the exchange’s freeze limit is set at 36 lots. Order slicing simplifies this process by splitting your order into smaller segments that comply with the freeze limit, ensuring efficient & quick execution.

As soon as you enter lots greater than freeze limit, you will see “order slicing available”, notifying you that this order will be split.

Here’s how it works:

When placing an order that exceeds the Freeze limit, our system automatically divides the total number of lots by the Freeze limit lots.

In the example mentioned, 720 lots divided by 36 lots (the Freeze limit) results in 20 sliced orders.

Each sliced order, containing 36 lots, are created and when the user clicks on proceed, is promptly sent to the exchange for execution.

This powerful slicing capability is available during order entry, exit, and stop-loss placement.

You also have the flexibility to choose between limit and market orders for each sliced order.

Here’s a view of 720 lots placed in one shot with order slicing

Order Slicing streamlines your trading process by eliminating the need for manual interventions. This ensures you can capitalize on market opportunities without delays or disruptions.

To sum it up, Order Slicing empowers traders to overcome freeze quantity limitations seamlessly and execute large orders with ease. By automatically dividing orders based on the Freeze limit, this feature enhances your trading experience and ensures efficient execution. Embrace the power of Order Slicing to optimize your trading strategy, adapt to market conditions, and unlock new possibilities in the world of online trading.


That’s great feature . Also Is it possible to make more than 20 orders , ie more tha. 720 lots at a time ?, because in some scenarios it is required for us to have more lot size to place larger order like 1000 to 1200 lots

Hey deepak,
You will be able to do this with basket orders very soon. Currently basket allows upto 20 orders but we will increase it very soon to 50 orders in basket. Once that is available, you can place upto 1800 qty in one go.

So do u mean that once the limit is increased to 50 orders per slicing , then I can buy/sell upto 1800 lots at a time and it ll be sliced into 50 orders ,without any extra steps like what we do currently on order slicing ?

This is how it currently works on basket orders. You simply add you contracts or strategies and add as many lots as you want & order slicing will be done automatically. You can preview your orders on the next step & then place them.

Here i have added 300 lots for both the buy & sell legs of NIFTY & they’ve been automatically sliced. You can see, i have used 18 out of 20 orders (because after slicing 300 lots of nifty for each leg, the total orders are 18). This limit will be increased to 50 very soon (99% by 27th july) and you can have upto a total of 50 orders in a basket (across all legs).

Will shortly put out a full tutorial for this.
Hope this helps

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That’s great , just in case I’m not using basket order , will it be increased ?

In the above screenshot , I simple enter lot qty to 1000 , but it accepts only 720 lots . So once the limit increases to 50 , then with the same method I can add upto 1800 qty lots right ?. Because I don’t use basket orders often .

Yes deepak, we will enable upto 50 orders in order slicing on orderpad as well

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That’s great , thank you