Nominee updates are not reflecting in my profile

Hello Team,
Since several months (or years may be), I have been trying to modify the nominee details from my angel one trading account profile. When that was not successful I even emailed the support team to completely remove the nominee details. With a lot of disappointment I have to mention here that irrespective of so many tries and after wasting so much of my time, the angel one mobile app and the website is still showing me the incorrect nominee details. I have contacted support team 100 times, followed all their suggested solutions (that never worked). They are unsuccessful in making the app and the website reflect my correct nominee details / status (when nominee is removed now).
The current status of my issue is that the support team is saying the nominee is been removed successfully, but the app and the website is still showing the old nominee details assigned to my profile. I have attached the screenshot of the same here for your reference.
It is really a SHAME that your team is still not able to fix the issue inspite of several attempts. And the result of that is, I am suffering a lot since long. Now… this is my last attempt to seek help from angel one team. If this goes in vain too, I AM GOING TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT PERMANENTLY IN ANGEL ONE.


Client Id: C15795

Hi @KalyaniKarpe Sorry for the inconviences caused to you, It’s definitely concerning that you haven’t been able to resolve it despite multiple attempts through various channels. While we cannot directly resolve the issue, we can provide you with the best course of action and emphasize your concerns to team.

Steps to update your nominee details:

  1. Offline Form Submission: While online updation isn’t reflecting, you can update your nominee details through the offline process as well. You’ll need to download the Demat Account Nomination Form here → (
  2. Fill and Submit the Form: Carefully fill out the form with your account details, nominee information, and attach copies of your and your nominee’s ID proofs.
  3. Submit to Angel One: Send the completed form via registered post or courier to the Angel One office address mentioned on the form along with a copy of ID proof.

Hope this resolution will help you, from our end we’ll take this up with the team and help you expedite the case in the meanwhile.

Hello Team, I have already done this and that has not solved my issue as well.
Do you actually have any REAL solution that would work?