No response from verification department regarding demat account opeming

Dear Angel One,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the delay in opening my demat account. I submitted my application six months ago, and I have yet to receive any updates on the status of my account.

I have always been impressed with your services. However, I am very disappointed with the handling of my demat account application.

I have contacted your customer service department on several occasions, but I have been unable to get any clear answers as to why my account has not been opened. I am frustrated by the lack of communication and the lack of progress on my application.

I would like to request that you open my demat account immediately. I am eager to start investing in the stock market, and I am confident that your firm can provide me with the tools and resources I need to be successful.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hi @Yasmin1790 Welcome to the Community! We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with our customer support team, we’d request you to kindly share the ticket reference number so that we can escalate the issue to relevant team and they can help you with getting the account opened as soon as possible.

I haven’t received any ticket reference or mail regarding this issue. I have just received a call from customer service and the concerned person said that he’ll get back in 3-4 days, but its been 5 months now. I haven’t received any update from them.

@Yasmin1790 Sorry for the delay, we have sent you a DM, please check!

I’m not able to see any DM from your end. Could you please mail me the solution to the problem?

wow 6 months!! mine is about to be a months and my frustrated beyond my limit… no wonder angel is growing so slow… like us so many had such experiences and probably just moved on to other brokers…