Nifty/Banknifty/Finnifty/Vixindia in watchlist

In Angelone website I am not able to add Nifty/Banknifty itself in watchlist which is annoying as whenever I click on nifty from above it opens the chart in a separate window. It would be great if we can add nifty/BankNifty in watchlist so that we can see the option chain to place buy/sell order from website. Currently i have to add a future contract or search with strike price to add to watchlist and then to go to option chain from there. If we have some option where we can see direct nifty/banknifty/finnifty option chain in website that would be a great feature for traders who use website to do trading.

Ability to add VIXIndia in watchlist will also of benefit to traders, to see its chart and daily movement like other stocks.

Hi @Piyush,
You can follow these 2 steps to add your favourite Stocks/ Future Contracts to the watchlist(Website).

Step 1: Search for your favourite stock

Step 2: Click on the + icon

All done, the Stock/Derivative will be added to your watchlist.

Note: Futures contracts have different expiry dates therefore, it is important that you choose the right expiry date for the futures contract that you want to trade or monitor.

Hi @VSonar - Thanks for your reply. I am aware of adding future or options into watchlist but since I trade daily for me its an hassle to add it every day, where as for stocks you add it once and it will be there forever. I want to add those indexes (nifty, finnifty, banknifty, indiavix) to my watchlist to easily go to option chain.
My issue is specially for website that i mentioned in my feedback. i am not able to go to index option chain directly like mobile, unless i add some future or option to watchlist and go to option chain from there. I generally trade from website by looking at charts.

I see the new web platform is updated and have option chain and chart for indices in 1 click. really love the latest update, very neat and clean plus a lot of functionalities bundled in the screen. Thanks @AngelOne
check this out @VSonar

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Hey Piyush - This made our day :slight_smile: Btw our web platform has many more features - You can read about it here A Trader’s Delight : Faster & Sleeker Order Pad | Angel One

Hello @Angelone,

I checked out all of those features and they are awesome. I have never thought that these many features could be included in small screen. And to mention they are super fast. To see balance when i hover it shows me super fast. Buy/sell window comes super fast. Charts from anywhere come instantly without any delay.
I just had one feedback, i am currently not in india and when i try to place order in India trading hours, it tells me to place AMO order and if i confirm that it’s gets rejected also i want able to change the order from AMO to normal order. I guess it is taking time from my laptop clock. Could you please check that issue. Thanks!

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Hi sir i vineeta mehra sir plzz i am order updates on whatsapp

I can see that India VIX is now available to add to watchlist along with other indices. Thanks @AngelOne .