New Target for amber

The Amber Group has purchased a 60% ownership stake in Ascent Circuits Private Limited, a company that produces printed circuit boards for different industries. Additionally, Amber has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Korea Circuit, which has the potential to position Amber as a leading electronic EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) player. Furthermore, Amber has formed a partnership with Titagarh Rail Systems Limited to establish a new facility for manufacturing railway components.
The management expects significant growth in the railway sector, with the company’s potential market size projected to reach Rs. 75,000-80,000 crore within the next 5-6 years. To capitalize on this growth, the company plans to invest Rs 200-225 crores over the next 2 years in establishing a new Greenfield facility in Faridabad focused on the railway segment. Additionally, in the RAC (Room Air Conditioners) segment, the company aims to maintain its market share of 28-29% by supplying various components to customers who are expanding their in-house RAC capacities.

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Impressive strategic moves indeed.

Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive analysis

A great move indeed. Btw we need more such analysis