New dates of Allotment and listing of ipos

Is this information True??

IPO Allotment Date

  1. Tata Techno:- 28th November
  2. Gandhar Oil:- 28th November
  3. IREDA:- 25th November
  4. Fed Bank fin:- 28th November
  5. Flair writing:- 28th November

IPO Listing Date

  1. Tata Techno:- 30th November
  2. Gandhar Oil:- 30th November
  3. IREDA:- 29th November
  4. Fed Bank fin:- 30th November
  5. Flair writing:- 30th November

If true,Plzzz update new dates of allotment and listing of ipos


The info is wrong, Here is the Correct One
IPO Allotment Date
Tata Techno:- 30th November
Gandhar Oil:- 30th November
IREDA:- 29th November
Fed Bank fin:- 30 November
Flair writing:- 30th November

IPO Listing Date
Tata Techno:- 05 December
Gandhar Oil:- 05 December
IREDA:- 04 December
Fed Bank fin:- 05 December
Flair writing:- 05 December

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