Nestle is a monopoly stock

Nestle is the third biggest company that sells things like food and household items in our country, and it’s really popular in some areas where it sells stuff.
People think Nestle’s stock is worth a lot because it’s been growing steadily for the past ten years. While other companies only grew a little bit, Nestle grew a lot in the amount of stuff it sells.Most of Nestle’s customers are in cities, and that’s where it makes most of its money. But as more people move to cities and more people have money to spend, Nestle thinks it will sell even more stuff.Nestle is also starting to sell its products in smaller towns and rural areas where it’s growing faster. Right now, it’s in almost all the places it wants to be, but it’s still working on getting into a few more.Nestle is planning to spend a lot of money in the next couple of years to make its business even better. It’s going to focus on selling more food and chocolate products. Because Nestle usually makes a lot of money from the things it invests in, people expect it to make even more money in the future. This means the company will probably earn more and more over time.