Need chart improvement

Need following improvement in charts,

  1. Add 25min, 75min, 125-minute and custom time frame feature in charts like Fyres.
    2)Add charts auto-save feature, currently web charts do not sync with mobile app charts.
    3)Add a Predefined watch list with a custom watch list.

I am new to Angel one and I also found it difficult to believe that web chart and mobile app charts are not in sync. I prefer to use mobile app while I am at office and web chart when I am at home. But it seems angel one is not the broker for persons like me

Hi @joffinkjose @Balkrishna Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback, we’d love to share this with the team, could you please share your Client ID?

My id is J52791875 and my name is Joffin K Jose. Hope you will bring this update

Yes chart syncing is not very good

Hey @Amar we are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience, we have raised the feedback with the product team, however this may take some time on our end, our team will get this updated on the app and web.

hey ,
I have the same problem with chart synchronisation .
I do analysis in web but some time specially at work i need to see trades and chart in mobile app.
I am requesting to angle one to fix it as soon as possible .

It’s true. Chart syncing needs to improve.