My SGB not updated in My Portfolio


My Name is Ranjith Babu .S

  • DP ID - 120332004095 8633
  • Client ID - S538748

I have purchased an SGB, and got it allotted on 26 Dec 2023. It displays as my SGB investment will be available after 09 Jan 2024. It is not displayed yet. Please let me know when it will be displayed …

Thank you …!

Hi @Ranjithbabu, Welcome to the Community! Thanks for highlighting this issue to us, we’ll take this up with the team and get back to you. Meanwhile, would request you to kindly raise a support ticket for the same.

Have raised the Support Ticket already, but no response…

Hello @Ranjithbabu! Please check the investment tab on the app, as the price and value for clients with allotments should be updated there. The listing date was on January 30, 2024, so you should see the updated information now. If you still face issues, feel free to reach out to customer service for further assistance.