Mutual funds, SGB as margin collateral

Hi @AngelOne - I see that a new SGB series is launched by government for this week. I wanted to invest in same however Angelone doesn’t allow to pledge those SGB which is stopping me to invest in them.

I know recently AngelOne brought Equity, Mutual Funds & SGB under same platform. Do you know if there are any plans to allow customers to pledge their Mutual funds & SGB ? I know zerodha and many other platform allows you to pledge the same for trading. Please let me know so that I can invest in SGB in this series. Thanks!

Hi @Piyush Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback, we have passed your suggestion to the concerned team and we have been informed that even though currently this feature is not yet available, team is already working on this feature and it will be available in future.

We will keep you posted with the updates on the same.

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Thank you @AngelOne for checking with team. This helps a lot.

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Hey @AngelOne - Any update on this request ? Its almost 7 months now. please let me know if possible as now FY is over and i need to decide on the broker for next FY.