Monthly charts not showing correctly in mobile app as well desktop

Monthly charts are not showing correctly in app as well as desktop.

May please fix the same example tube investment/ praj ind. I have screenshot also, same can be shared if required.

Hi @nileshgarodia Can you please share the screenshot along with the Client ID?

CLIENT ID - G250912,see last 2 candles. same is for praj also.

this chart taken today.

Not heard anything from you, now see below, now see chennai petro monthly chart on your portal and compare it with trading view chart. August month gain was 4% but it is showing 31%

Hi @nileshgarodia We got this looked into by the team, and they have checked and verified the data with TradingView’s official website both chart’s data matched and on NSE website also OHLC data of chart is getting matched, we found no issue in the charts values.

However, since you have mentioned of this issue along with the screenshot, we’ll get this looked into for your account specifically, please give us sometime to raise this to the team again.