Market will be open on 2nd March

The stock markets are scheduled to remain open on 2nd March, which falls on a Saturday. This decision has been made with the objective of conducting a test to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of swiftly transitioning the stock markets to a disaster recovery site.
Testing the ability to quickly shift operations to a disaster recovery site is crucial for ensuring the resilience and continuity of the stock market in the event of unforeseen disruptions or emergencies. By simulating this scenario during regular market hours, authorities can assess various aspects of the disaster recovery plan, including communication channels, infrastructure readiness, operational efficiency, and contingency measures.
The decision to conduct such a test underscores the importance of preparedness and risk management in the financial markets. It demonstrates a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities, strengthening resilience, and mitigating potential risks that could impact market stability and investor confidence.
Overall, the scheduled opening of the stock markets on 2nd March serves as a practical exercise to evaluate and enhance the readiness of market participants and infrastructure for managing unexpected challenges and ensuring business continuity.