Kyc pending difficult to trending

Hi team angal

My account is freeze becose of kyc isshu my kyc is also done now and still I am not enbal to sale my stock please resolve this ASAP




Hi @Rajvimal496 We’d request you to please share your Client ID with us so that we can look into the issue, also would request you to kindly refrain from sharing your personal details on a public platform, we do not encourage our customers to share their contact details publically.

Dear Team,

Please check my account KYC is still pending

Is it solved right now, because same thing is happened with me. My KYC is done, but portfolio still not showing my holdings.

Hi @Harsh Can you please share your Client ID, this will help us to raise the issue to the concern team.

Hi @Sobhit would be great if you could please share your Client ID?

Dear sir my KYC is done my account is not active yet way so

My client id is S1118602

Sobhit Kumar

Hi @Harsh Are you able to see the holdings in your portfolio now?

Hi @Rajvimal496 At our end we can see that your account is active, can you please check and let us know if you are able to access your account?

Hi @Sobhit Can you please confirm if you are able to login now?