KRA/KYC validation

In mid of August got this problem of kra validation I tried to validate but mail id mentioned there is wrong so for this reason couldn’t validate the email id
For which my account was frozen .
When I contacted support team they said like to submit kyc form through mail with required documents I did the same but the issue is not yet solved .
I cannot sell my shares now ! Who is responsible for this ? What if profitable shares turns into loss .
Enough with angel one .
Angel one couldn’t Solve a problem you are careless about customers .
Client id - S1429218
Atleast try to solve this issue ASAP.

Ticket numbers

Hi @SreedeviKR Thank you for sharing the Client ID and for elaborating the issue, we have shared the same with the concerned team, please give us sometime to look into the issue and get back to you!

Hi @SreedeviKR This is in regards to the query you had raised in the above post, the team checked your account and it should be active as it shows at our end, can you please let us know if you are able to access your account?

Yes it is working now

Thank you

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