Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPIL)

Kalpataru Power Transmission Secures Significant Orders Worth Rs 2445 Crore

The company’s stock has generated an impressive multibagger return of over 150% in the past three years.

Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPIL), a global EPC player with diversified interests in power transmission and distribution, oil and gas pipelines, railways, and biomass-based power generation, has announced significant orders received by the company.

Order Details:

Kalpataru Projects International along with its Joint Ventures and international subsidiaries, has announced the acquisition of new orders totalling Rs 2,445 crores. These orders include Rs 2,366 crores in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector, covering both Indian and overseas markets, and Rs 79 crores in the Buildings & Factories sector.

Manish Mohnot, MD & CEO of KPIL, said, “We are delighted with the new order wins, particularly in our domestic T&D business. We continue to remain optimistic about the T&D opportunities in India, given the huge thrust to boost the national transmission system, facilitating the integration of renewable power. These orders will significantly strengthen our domestic T&D order book and provide good visibility for future growth.”

Share Performance:

Today, the company’s shares commenced trading at Rs 1010 per share, which is higher compared to the preceding day’s closing figure of Rs 989 per share. During the intraday trading session, the stock reached highs and lows of Rs 1042.85 and Rs 998 respectively. Currently, the company’s shares trading at Rs 1007.80 per share on the BSE.

The market capitalisation of the company stands at Rs 16,371 crore. Additionally, the stock has delivered an impressive return of around 80% in the past year and a multibagger of around 154% return in the past three years.

In terms of ownership, the Promoter holds 40.59%, while Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) hold 7.69% and 43.81% respectively. The remaining 7.92% is held by public investors, as per the most recent update.

Stock Price Chart (Daily):

Business Overview:

KPIL stands as one of the largest specialised EPC companies, involved in Power Transmission & Distribution, Buildings & Factories, Water Supply & Irrigation, Railways, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Urban Mobility (including Flyovers & Metro Rail), Highways, and Airports. With ongoing projects spanning over 30 countries, KPIL boasts a global presence in more than 70 nations. The company maintains a leadership role across its major sectors, supported by robust organizational capabilities, advanced technical expertise, and a commitment to top-tier sustainability practices.

Investors must keep this stock on their radar.

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Kalpataru Projects International secures new orders worth Rs 2,071 crore; details inside

Over the past year shares of the company have given a staggering return of 99% and holds a strong order book of 51,753 crore.

About the Order

Kalpataru Projects International Limited (KPIL), a prominent player in the engineering & construction sector, has announced securing new orders and notifications of awards totaling Rs 2,071 crore. This achievement encompasses KPIL’s Joint Ventures (JVs) and international subsidiaries.

The breakdown of these new orders is as follows:

Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Business Overseas: KPIL has secured orders in the Transmission & Distribution sector from international markets.

Design & Construction of Underground Metro Rail Project in India: KPIL has also obtained a significant order for the design and construction of an underground metro rail project within India.

Manish Mohnot, Managing Director & CEO of KPIL, expressed satisfaction with these new order wins, highlighting their positive impact on the company’s outlook for both the T&D and Urban Infrastructure segments. Additionally, he stated that the current financial year has seen KPIL achieve a remarkable order intake of approximately Rs 30,000 crore, inclusive of Letters of Award (LOAs) and Letters of Intent (LOIs). This achievement includes securing large and strategic orders across various segments such as T&D, Buildings & Factories (B&F), Oil & Gas, and Urban Infrastructure. As of Q3FY24 ending, the company’s order book stands at Rs 51,753 crore, covering the majority of targeted revenue for FY25.

Stock Performance

In the latest trading session, the company’s stock closed at Rs 1064.40. Opening at Rs 1067.20 today, the stock is currently trading at Rs 1076.95, reflecting a 1.18% increase. The company’s 52-week high is at Rs 1161.55, while its 52-week low is at Rs 485. KPIL currently boasts a market capitalization of approximately Rs 17,500 crore. Over the past one year, shares have delivered a staggering return of 99.20%, while the BSE Industrials index saw changes of 85.14% during the same period.

About KPIL

KPIL is one of the largest specialized EPC companies engaged in Power Transmission & Distribution, Buildings & Factories, Water Supply & Irrigation, Railways, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Urban Mobility (Flyovers & Metro Rail), Highways, and Airports. KPIL is currently executing projects in over 30 countries and has a global footprint in over 70 countries.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended solely for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are for illustrative purposes only and not recommendations. The content is sourced from various secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult with a financial expert before making any related decisions.