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JSW Infra Plans for a Massive Capex of Rs.2,500 Cr for FY25

JSW Infrastructure sets Rs.2,500 Crore investment for FY25 to expand cargo handling capacity, boosting growth and operational efficiency with growth in financials.

JSW Infrastructure Limited is primarily engaged in the development, operation, and maintenance of port services, along with infrastructure development activities related to ports. They also undertake infrastructure development projects in various sectors, mainly, marine.

Rs.2500 Cr for FY25

JSW Infrastructure Ltd recently announced that it intends to allocate more than Rs.2,500 crore in the fiscal year 2025 to boost its cargo handling capabilities. By 2027, the company aims for a 50% capacity surge to reach 258 million tonnes, with an estimated investment of Rs.14,000 crore. J The company aims for an FY25 capex of approximately Rs 2,500 crore, inclusive of sustainable capex, with potential for revision based on the requirements of the company.

Additionally, they seek to boost capacity utilization to around 80% within the next 2.5-3 years, a significant increase from the current 65%. This strategic initiative reflects their commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing resource utilization. Following its listing in 2023, the company revealed the execution of a concession agreement with the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority for liquid berths capable of handling 4.5 mtpa.

Financial Results

On Friday, JSW Infrastructure released its fourth-quarter results, demonstrating a strong rise in consolidated net profit to Rs.330 crore, marking a significant 10% growth compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Additionally, in Q4 FY24, JSW Infrastructure exhibited robust financial performance compared to Q4 FY23. Revenue from operations grew by 20% to Rs.1,096 crore, while total revenue surged 23% to Rs.1,200 crore. EBITDA saw a significant increase of 29.2% to Rs. 685 crore, accompanied by an expansion in the EBITDA margin from 54.4% to 57.1%. These results highlight improved operational efficiency and profitability for the company.

Parameters Q4FY24 Q4FY23 Change
Revenue from Operations (Rs. Crore) Rs.1096 Rs.915 +20%
Total Revenue (Rs. Crore) Rs.1200 Rs.973 +23%
EBITDA (Rs. Crore) Rs.685 Rs.530 +29.2%
EBITDA Margin (%) 57.1% 54.4% +2.7% pts
Net Profit Rs.330.01 Rs.300.44 +10%

Conclusion: JSW Infrastructure’s significant investment of over Rs. 2,500 crore in fiscal year 2025, alongside a projected Rs.14,000 crore for capacity expansion by 2027, evidences their commitment to growth. Achieving a 10% surge in consolidated net profit in Q4 FY24, with revenue from operations rising by 20% and EBITDA increasing by 29.2%, showcases their operational strength. These results and plans validate their strategic direction and affirm confidence in future growth.

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