Is something wrong with angel one advisory telegram channel(equity/derivatives)

Hello angel one,
I have been an active user of your advisory provided on telegram, i place direct orders on angel one through it, using the smart API, i think the feature is one of its kind since no one else has it, but i think there is something wrong today.

The format of the recommendations have changed, there is no direct access to smart API through the channel, i really liked that feature and the recommendations are not of the high quality like before, i called the customer support but i think she was clueless too, please look into this, really liked that feature of yours, and the precise recommendations, made my friends join angel one based on that but now the advisory itself has changed, please do update me here or on my registered mob. no. or email

thank you
Arjun mali

Hi @arjun749 Welcome to the Community! Thank you for giving us a heads up on this, we’ll ask the team to look into this at the earliest.

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thanks for the same day response, looks like the issue has been resolved but you can always learn from what caused it in the first place.

thanks again

@arjun749 We are glad the issue is resolved for now but as you mentioned, we’ll get this looked into.

Appreciate your valuable contributions to the community!

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Got a call from the company, thanks for the immediate follow up, you guys are doing a fabulous job

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