Is liquid bees considered as cash equivalent in Angel for FnO margin calculation?

As per exchange for FnO trading 50% should be in collateral and 50% in cash or cash equivalent. Is Angelone considering Liquidbees as cash equivalent?

hi @ashishpetkar from what I know, I think, Angel One does consider Liquidbees as cash equivalent for the purpose of F&O trading.

Hi @ashishpetkar - As far as I know, Angel one is not forcing 50% rule for FnO trading like zerodha. So if you have all margin still you could do FnO but obviously you need to take care of the margin amount going up if trade moves opposite to what you expected.

I also bought some liquidbees thinking to have them as cash collateral but it looks like that is just dead investment for me atleast now :rofl:

Many brokers allow you to trade without 50% cash collateral, but then charge DPC or other charges for not maintaining cash collateral. Therefore it is important that you maintain the same.

Having said that i haven’t got a clear answer regarding liquidbees on Angel One. Zerodha, Dhan and Fyers treat it as 100% cash equivalent

@Gaurav3 - It looks like that AngelOne is not forcing 50% cash rule on its customers as of now, cant comment about future. I heard that Zerodha forces it on its customers.