Introducing Instant Order Placement for High-Frequency Trading!

Hi Everyone! We are thrilled to announce a game-changer for your F&O trading experience: Instant Order Placement! :zap:

This powerful feature lets you execute intraday orders with a single click, directly from the chart. No more switching screens or navigating the order pad!

Here’s how it works:

  • Activate Instant Orders: Click the “Instant Orders” button on your chart and confirm. Done!
  • Place Orders with a Single Click: Buy or sell F&O contracts with just one click on the chart!
  • Preset Quantity: Choose your desired quantity beforehand and see it displayed clearly on the chart. Adjust it anytime easily.
  • Scalping Made Easy: Execute multiple trades at different prices in a flash, maximizing your profits from quick market movements.

Benefits you’ll love:

  • Increased Efficiency: Trade F&O contracts with lightning speed and precision.
  • Enhanced Scalping: Capture fleeting opportunities with ease and confidence.
  • Seamless Workflow: No more switching screens or navigating menus. Trade directly from the chart!
  • Greater Information: Track your positions and open orders right on the chart for informed decisions.

Note: This feature is currently available on the Angel One Web app only. Stay tuned for exciting updates on the mobile app soon!

Ready to take your F&O trading to the next level? Activate Instant Order Placement today and experience the power of speed and efficiency!

P.S. Share your thoughts and feedback on Instant Order Placement in the comments below! We’re always listening to our community.


Your ‘Instant Orders’ further is great for scalping but can your are give an additional further with this and exit points. for example If we buy option at 100 by Chart using this instant Order further and want to exit at 5 points + or - so order is punch by predefined points like 105 or 95 as we want .