Interim Budget 2024: Major Highlights

"Budget Deficit: India’s spending more money than it’s bringing in, but it’s not as bad as expected. They’re planning to tighten their belt even more next year, which is good because it makes foreign investors happy.
Capex Spending: India’s putting more money into big projects like trains, roads, and ports, which is a step up from last year, but not as big a jump as before. It was kind of expected since they already boosted spending a lot in the past two years.
Sector Boosts: Housing, tourism, and renewable energy are all getting some attention. They’re planning to build two crore new houses in the next five years and give free solar electricity to a lot of households. Also, they’re setting up a ton of coal gasification capacity by 2030!
Tax Changes: There aren’t any changes to the taxes people pay directly or indirectly. It’s a bit disappointing for regular working folks hoping for a break, but at least taxes aren’t going up either.