Inquiry about Data Entry Operator Job Offer with Demat Account Requirement

I received a job offer for a data entry operator position from your company, and they are requesting me to open a Demat account before joining. They claim that the account is necessary for collecting data. I’m wondering if this type of job opportunity exists.

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Same thing happened with me. I received a whatsapp message from someone saying that they are the assistant HR manager at angel one and got my number through a linkedin application. They saud I’d need a demat account to use the application that would be used for the data entry work. I dont know if that is genuine or not.

Hi @Nishwa Welcome to the Community! We at Angel One will never reach out to you with certain pre-requisite conditions where you are asked to open an account with us. While we’d love to have you as part of our Angel One family, we NEVER ask candidates to open demat account in order to get their application further proceeded.

We’d request you to kindly report this issue and do not engage with them any further!


I received your mail suggesting to report the issue so I’d like to know how can I do that and also, i dienloaded angel one application through the link that they sent me with their referral code. I didn’t put any details other than my name, number and pan. I didn’t move further as i checked your mail just at that moment. I want to delete my account so I’d be really really glad if you replied guiding me with the procedure to resolve this issue.

Waiting for your reply,

Hey help me as well regarding the fake request of data entry job by creating a demat account as I have already posted my pan and aadhar details and also the bank details

Hi @Falakzari Welcome to the Community! We’re so glad you’re here and appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. As we mentioned above, it’s absolutely against our policy to ask anyone to open an account with us as a prerequisite for any service or application. We value your trust and prioritise transparency in all our interactions.

We strongly recommend reporting this incident to safeguard yourself and others from potential scams. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Contact our customer support team: Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you.
  2. Create a ticket using our ticketing tool: This allows you to document the issue in detail and track its progress. You can access the ticketing tool through your Angel One account or by visiting Angel one Help and Support - Get All Answers.

Remember, you should never engage with anyone claiming to represent Angel One who asks you to open an account prematurely. If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our official channels for verification.