Individual vs company Taxes

I see there is a vast difference between Individual vs company tax structure if you are earning more than 50L/1Cr per year. I think individual could go up to 41%(highest slab + surcharge) where as a company has a flat of 25% + surcharge + education cess (for an income above 1cr i guess) Also there is are some advantage of reducing expenses related to business/buying a business vehicle/buying equipment related to business etc if you are filing taxes as a company

Do anyone has any idea if we can setup a company and do stock/f&O trading in company account instead of individual account. I see some requirement of having NBFC license and all. i would like to know how I can setup a company and trade and what is the process and is it possible without getting a NBFC license. Thanks in advance.


Processing time how many days will be settled to my bank account please said which bank anything saying send the email address.

NBFC license you can proceed

Versus lots of small individual none banking financial you can help license prepared. names mageshwaran finance limited processing

Okay proceed I will not current account if you opened current account opening charges. how many charges I will pay anything saying reply this email