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Imaagicaworld Entertainment Unveils New Attraction, Expected to Boost Earnings for FY24-25
One of India’s leading entertainment companies- Imagicaaworld Entertainment announced the launch of a New marquee attraction- ‘You are the Star’ at Wet’n Joy Amusement in Lonavala, which is now part of the listed entity starting FY 24-25. This exciting addition isn’t just another attraction; it’s a heartfelt invitation to dive into the enchanting world of filmmaking!

A Journey Through Cinema

‘You are the Star’ is designed as a captivating 90-seater theatre adventure that will transport you into the realm of movies across three engaging stages:

1. Stage One: The Thrill of the Chase

Imagine yourself in a Dino Park, where every corner turned is a close shave with prehistoric giants. Feel the adrenaline as you navigate through a thrilling chase, enhanced by jaw-dropping Chroma screen effects. It’s your movie, your adventure!

2. Stage Two: The Sound of Magic

Step into the shoes of a Foley artist in the second stage. Here, you’ll add sound to your cinematic journey, layering roars, screams, and the rumble of thundering footsteps to your earlier escapade. It’s a chance to see how sound transforms a scene, making your pulse race and your heart skip a beat.

3. Stage Three: Your Cinematic Debut

Finally, watch as your escapades come together into a seamless movie. This stage celebrates the creativity behind filmmaking, empowering you to immerse fully and appreciate the magic of this art form.

Managing Director Comments:

Imagicaaworld’s Managing Director, Mr. Jai Malpani, expressed his enthusiasm about the new attraction, emphasizing the unique experiences it offers for guests of all ages. This project is part of the Rs 25 crore capex done by Giriraj Enterprises before the acquisition of park by Imagicaaworld Entertainment. With more attractions like this in the pipeline, the future looks bright and exhilarating for park visitors.

Stock Performance:

The Imagicaaworld Entertainment stock in the last one year has gained 89.36%, while in the last three years it is up by a staggering 1,324.35%.

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