Huge brokerage charged - Need help and guidance

Greetings all,

I’m unsure if this is the appropriate platform to share this information, but I’m seeking guidance on a matter. I’ve incurred a charge of Rs. 100 per lot, and I’m completely new to Futures and Options (F&O) trading. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced significant losses in a short period, surpassing even my trading losses, which I had funded through a personal loan.

I have a sense of being deceived, as I discovered an email from Angel in my junk folder, which I missed initially, after conversing with a customer care representative. I’ve submitted over 10 support tickets, but they have all been automatically closed without any resolution or discussion. The response has been the usual automated message promising resolution within 24 to 48 hours, followed by ticket closure.

To add to my disappointment, I haven’t received a callback or a solution as a courtesy.


Hi , may I know if anyone helped you creating your account or u used any referral link while opening ?

Hi @cgsfrench We are extremely sorry to hear about the issue you are facing and the disappointment from our customer support team. Could you please share your Client ID and the ticket numbers so that we can investigate this issue further?


Thanks for your response,

My client ID : AJRR1053

ticket ID : 12956660, 12871660, 12871659, 12841979, 12379372, 12200055, 12163147, - i have few more tickets which were just closed stating we will get back to you with in 24 to 48 hours.

Please help the situation and with a reasonable brokerage value.





I remember doing it from the portal.



Hi @cgsfrench thanks for sharing the ticket numbers and client IDs, while we are getting this looked into, we’d suggest you not to share your contact details or any other personal details on a public platform.

Hi @cgsfrench As you must have been informed by the team, we have processed the brokerage reversal amount to you.

I need refund too , please reply to the ticket and wait for our reply , tickets are getting closed by itself

hey @deepakchandar Would request you to kindly help us with your client ID, and if you could please elaborate the issue so that it can be looked into.

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Last month I placed few splitting orders as robo order , but what happened was the buy order was one or two and sell order was 5 to 10 and took up high brokerage .

As order splitting works as per the freeze limit . So for example if I place 100 lots then it splits into 2 , but once these 2 order got executed. There are 6 target and sl orders and it costs me 6 times brokerage rather Than 2brokerage ,

4/08/23 , extra orders - 221 and brokerage = 4420

7/08/23 , extra orders - 72 and brokerage = 1440

Total :heavy_equals_sign: 5680

The above orders are extra orders , for better understanding , if I place one buy order and it makes 3 sell orders means I’ve mentions those 2 extra orders here . And I’m aware about order splitting . You may please check those mentioned dates the total buy and sell orders . Please revert the brokerage I paid

Yes, i appreciate all the support and guidance!



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Noted, will get the team to look into the issue. We shall get back to you with an update on this, please give us a few days!

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D50101296 ,
Previously I wrote it wrong

Hi @deepakchandar We got this case looked into. This is based our understanding of the case.

Multiple sell orders are showing because all Qty were not from single seller it is from different sellers and due to this multiple orders are showing, for example, when you placed the order for 20 Qty there was single user with 3 Qty and once this got executed, sell (SL and target) got placed and after that each lot came from different users and it caused the order to be placed multiple times and this happens within seconds and all the order executions are done at exchange level, which is not controlled by Angel One.

This is the expected behaviour of the ROBO order across all the brokers.

hi , but currently im trading on kotak but havent experienced this issue. even in zerodha it has never happened like this .
i understand your side , but this as a robo order (bracket order) if we send one order , then sell order should be also one , execution may differ but the problem here is the order itself gets splits

@deepakchandar Thanks for your response Deepak! We’ll get this looked into by the team.

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Hi @deepakchandar Sorry to hear about your disappointment, but in your case the issue is because of the expected behaviour of ROBO orders and is not something that is controlled by Angel One. We can still check again if you insist, please drop an email to the support team and help us with the request/ticket number, we’ll help you expedite the case.