How to Open Demat Account for Minors?

I want to open a minor demat account for my child. So that I can apply IPO from my child’s account.

Please help me to open a minor’s demat account.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Riyan Welcome to Angel One Community! We are happy to help you :slight_smile:

Please go through this article where we have mentioned all the necessary steps required to open a Demat account of a minor, along with important points to remember while opening the account.

How to Open Demat Account for Minors?

Incase you still face any issue, please feel free to write to us here!

The form given on the article link is outdated. Take latest form from the customer care before printing it.

Hi @Ashishjain Welcome to the Community! Thanks for the headsup, we’ll ask the team to update the form link in the article. Appreciate your valuable contribution to the community. Hope to see you contributing more often :slight_smile:

My daughter is currently in the seventh grade. I want to start investing in stocks, bonds, and initial public offerings (IPOs) for her bright future. It has been proven to deliver the greatest long-term returns. Is it legal in India to have a minor demat account?

Hi @fathima A minor’s demat account can be opened for any individual below the age of 18 years (in India). A minor’s demat account will be operated by the natural guardian till the minor becomes a major. Natural guardian refers to a child’s mother or father (biological/adopted) who has the legal right to make certain decisions for a minor child.

You can learn more about it in detail here >>