How to navigate Stocks Quickly and Efficiently With Enhanced Stock Discovery

Hey everyone! We have a few product updates to share with you here;

  • What’s new? Angel One provides multiple lists of stocks based on various parameters, which you can access and filter with a single click.
  • How does this help? These lists and filters act as intuitive screeners that you can use to quickly narrow down to stocks based on a clear strategy.
  • How to discover stocks?
    • Open the Home page of the Angel One app, scroll down and come to ‘Discover Stocks’. Click on ‘VIEW ALL’ to view the entire set of lists.
    • Check out the list that you find relevant out of all the lists given. You can filter that list as per multiple parameters such as market capitalisation, sector, tags, etc.
    • Once you have found a stock via this page, you can:
      • Add the stock to your Watchlist.
      • Buy/sell the stock directly from the list.

To learn more about this in detail, please check out the blog here;

Happy trading!