How to link new pan card in existing account

How to replace old pan card with new one in demat account

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Hi @Madhukmk Thanks for posting this query, here is the process to link new PAN card with existing account:

  1. Obtain a new PAN card: Apply for a new PAN card from the Income Tax Department. You can do this either online through the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) or UTIITSL (UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited) websites or by submitting a physical application form.

  2. Update your Demat account details: Once you receive your new PAN card, you need to update your Demat account with the new PAN number. Contact your Demat account provider (Such as Angel One) and inform them about the change. They will guide you on the specific process they follow for updating PAN details.

  3. Provide necessary documents: The Demat account provider may require certain documents to process the PAN update. These documents may include a self-attested copy of your new PAN card, a copy of your old PAN card (if available), and any other identification or address proof documents they request.

  4. Complete the necessary forms: Fill out any forms or applications required by your Demat account provider to update your PAN details. These forms typically include sections for providing your new PAN number and other relevant information.

  5. Submit the documents and forms: Once you have filled out the necessary forms and gathered the required documents, submit them to your Demat account provider. Follow their instructions regarding the preferred submission method, whether it’s through email, an online portal, or physical submission at the office.

  6. Follow up and confirmation: After submitting the documents, follow up with your Demat account provider to ensure that your new PAN details have been updated in your account. They will usually provide you with a confirmation or acknowledgement once the changes have been processed.