How to get all Contract Notes from Angel One Website

Previously there was on option for reports for downloading contract notes.
Now there is no such option exist, to view shares bought and sold with all the breakup.

Hi hitendra,
You can view the details of your individual buy & sell transactions with avg buy & sell price, along with charges, date and other info under “trades & charges” module on Accounts page.
Once you are on the “trades & charges” page, select your date range & search the stock for which you want to see the transactions in the search bar, something like this - >

Please note that this information is only available for the last 90 days. We are working on extending that to upto 2 years.
We are also working on giving contract notes for download, but this will take some time.
Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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i didnot get one contract note of December 2022. Where should i find it?
This new application doesnt allow to check last year trade details.
Please help me