How to close equity

I want to close running equity. But i am not finding exit option. Kindly help

Hi @Sanjay1, here is how I think we can close equity, please check if this helps.

  1. Log in to your Angel One account.
  2. Go to the Orders tab and then click on the “Positions” tab.
  3. Select the equity position that you want to close.
  4. Click on the “Sell” button.
  5. Enter the number of shares that you want to sell.
  6. Select the type of order you want to place (market, limit, etc.).
  7. Click on the “Sell” button again to confirm the order.

The order will be executed when a buyer is found. The price at which the shares are sold will depend on the prevailing market conditions. The proceeds from the sale should be credited to your Angel One account.