How do you get immediate support from Angelone

I am actively trading on Angelone platform from last 2 years. I want to know how can i get immediate support/confirmation from Angeone about any app issues that I get in market hours ? If I raise a support ticket they will come after 2-3 days and will say that there is no issue with app, please try again and close the ticket.
If I go to twitter and request I get same reply but little fast here like 4-5 hours. E.g.

Offcourse the issue was resolved by that time and I don’t have time to fight with support team then as I have already taken a loss or I have lost patience.

Does anyone know anyway where they can get immediate support / confirmation from AngelOne that there is a issue and they are working on it.

Please note that I have lot many positions open and if I go to Twitter or raise a support ticket that is my last resort to seek some help. First I try closing my android app several times, then I check my iOS app, web application and then when still I am not able to trade and I still face issue then only I go to twitter (because I am done with their support ) to see if there are some other persons who are facing this issue, if I see some post then I reply to that post that I am also facing some issue. I was never a twitter person but I opened account and went their to get quick resolutions but still the end result is same.