Home page enhancements

Hello @AngelOne -

Home page for web/mobile looks like a static and always shows the same thing and users tend to move away quickly as there is nothing new, nothing exciting on that.

It would be great if we could see current trend/markets like economic news, upcoming events, FII-DII data for day, nifty-50 gainers/loosers etc. Something that is changing everyday so that users can go and look. I see that some of these information is available when we click on view markets but currently I go to home page and quickly move away as I see same static content which I even don’t want to see like Advisory/Learning etc.

I remember there was a feature on previous website where we could hide the sections that we don’t want to see on home page. I think enabling that would help load website more quickly as well :slight_smile:

I think you can get more statistics of how many people stay over main page and how much is that browsed which could prove my point.

@Piyush - Thanks for the feature suggestion
Currently the engineering bandwidth is focussing on building core trading features like basket order, enabling leaps - You will see all this in upcoming quarter
We are factoring in efforts required for personalisation on home page
Will keep u posted

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I am waiting for these features desperately. I am currently doing a daily SIP of stocks which is okay but I if I have a choice I would always prefer having a basked and execute on days that i want vs everyday.

It would be great if we can have flexibility to add/provide amount to basket orders before executing it like - if market is down today i want to buy stocks worth Rs 10k each from my basket and if other day market is up i would like to buy stocks worth of Rs 5k only etc. Or edit the basket(if needed) and select only couple of stocks that i want to execute today instead of whole basket.