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Havells Incorporates Joint Venture With KRUT LED

Havells enters into a joint venture with KRUT LED, aiming to expand its U.S. market presence, leveraging a $12 million investment and exclusive licensing.

Havells India Limited has announced a joint venture with KRUT LED, aiming to expand its presence in the U.S. lighting market. The partnership, formalized yesterday, showcases a significant step for Havells as it collaborates with the South Carolina-based company, KRUT LED, to market and sell lighting products in the United States.

Agreement Overview

The joint venture agreement was signed between Havells International Inc. (HII), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Havells India Limited, and KRUT LED. The newly formed entity, Havells Lighting LLC, will see Havells International Inc. holding a 68.75% stake, while KRUT LED will hold 31.25%.


The agreement stipulates a combined investment of up to $12 million from both parties. An initial investment of $5 million will be made, with subsequent investments up to the remaining $7 million. These funds will be allocated in accordance with the agreed ownership proportions.

Licensing and Exclusivity

Havells India Limited has granted an exclusive license to HLL for marketing its lighting products and solutions within the U.S. valid till the year 2028, with potential extensions based on achieving specific revenue targets. This move is expected to strengthen Havells’ market position in the U.S., leveraging KRUT LED’s local market network.

Management and Expansion

Havells International Inc. will have the majority representation on the board of HLL, ensuring significant influence over strategic decisions. This structure is designed to align the new entity closely with Havells’ broader business objectives and corporate governance standards. This joint venture marks a major expansion for Havells into the competitive U.S. market. By combining resources and expertise with KRUT LED, Havells has plans to enhance its product portfolio and market reach, thus driving growth for the company.


The joint venture between Havells International Inc. and KRUT LED, LLC, reflects a strategic move to penetrate the U.S. lighting market. With a strong investment plan, exclusive licensing, and a clear structure, Havells seems well-positioned to achieve significant growth and strengthen its global footprint.

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