Funds Blocked Wrong Status

Hello Community,

I applied for Stanley ipo and approved the UPI mandate at 4:50pm 25/06/2024. Although the funds are blocked in full amount, the status in AngelOne shows “ Shares will not be allotted due to incomplete payment” .

What to do now?

Thank you

Hi @Sai2 Please help us with your client code along with the screenshot of the error message via DM

@Sai2 We have sent you a DM, kindly respond to that message.

PS: We do not encourage anyone to share their public details like (email id, contact details, Client Code etc). Please refrain from adding these details on the public forum like this.

Hi @AngelOne, I have not received your DM or I don’t know where to check. Could you please give me the path to check with a screenshot.
Sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

No worries, would request you to kindly fill this form :

Please check ASAP.

Hi @Sai2 Can you also share the share listing page screenshot? Also, if the payment is done then you don’t need to panic. It will get updated soon.

Hi @AngelOne
Why the status is “payment not made” as my funds are blocked?
Could you please unblock the funds?