Fix Watchlist annoying feature

1-When switching watchlist charts automatically changes to the top added script on the currently switched watchlist & vice versa , happening in single as well as multi layout setup kindly fix this annoying feature you guys added.

2- when i try to only add few script to the watchlist after searching by clicking on Plus button, script added to watchlist but charts also automatically chages to same script i added to watchlist , which is weird and really annoying kindly stop this charts changes behaviour , i just want to ass some script only not wanted to see there charts when i want to i click on show charts button.

@ajay_007 Thanks for sharing such a great feedback, we highly appreciate your contributions on the community platform. Can you please share your Client ID so that we can raise this feedback to the concerned team?

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Client Id :- J52570997

Hi @ajay_007 Hope you’re doing well! We just wanted to check if it is possible for you to record a video or share a screenshot of the same?

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Watchlist annoying feature or bug

Here is the link of video, please watch & fix it asap.

Thanks for sharing the video, appreciate your efforts. @ajay_007

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