Fix this Angelone watchlist sorting bug

Fix this watchlist sorting bug. For details screen recording go the link. Sorting doesn’t retain after app relaunch.

@Scorpio Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, please check your DM.

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Hi @Scorpio Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have investigated this issue and determined that the observed behavior is currently intended.

When you sort items within the Angel One app, your chosen sorting preference will persist until one of the following conditions is met:

  1. Session Termination: If you close the app and relaunch it, your sorting selection will be reset to the default option.
  2. Manual Sorting Removal: You can manually remove your chosen sorting preference by tapping on the sorting option and selecting “Unsort” (similar to the filter experience).

We are continuously working to enhance the user experience and will consider implementing a mechanism to save sorting preferences across sessions in future updates.

@AngelOne Ohh thats really good logic. Got the point.
So which one should in consider a bug? the one that propely sort the watchlist (web platform) or that doesnt sort the watchlist (mobile platform)

I think sticking to synced setups is more logical.