Feature request - Watchlist enhancements

Hello @AngelOne :wave:- With so many features coming in Angel One app/web platform it has glued me/users to its interface and I now rarely visit to other websites which i used to earlier to check fundamentals, technicals etc.

With all of these enhancements I feel that we are still limited by watchlists and number of scripts that can be added to them. It limits me to segregate the stocks/sectors that I want to view. Below is my request -

  1. To have multiple watchlists and to be able to add more number stocks to each of them (if possible 500 to be able to add nifty 500 or atleast the number that we have for F&O, I guess around 210 or so)

  2. If Angel one can provide watchlists with default stocks something like a template that we can directly use or create a copy to our own watchlist, that would be awesome. For e.g. - F&O stocks, stocks within a particular sector like IT, FMCG, Real state, Nifty 50 index stocks, nifty next 50 index stocks, midcap etc

This would help a lot of traders/investors to quickly refer stocks in a certain category for fundamental screening and breakouts from F&O watchlist for technical breakouts etc.

Thanks again for keep bringing the useful enhancements almost every other weeks. Really appreciate it :raised_hands:

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@Piyush Thanks for sharing such a great feedback, we highly appreciate your contributions on the community platform. Can you please share your Client ID so that we can raise this feedback to the concerned team?