Fake bank a/c setup in my Angel1 demat, In & Out amount transferred to that fake account & angel1 doen't have clue & worst support since last 3-4 months

It been more than 3 months & there is a fake account in my Dmat setup, god knows from where it has come? Angel One technical team are like new born babies who have no clue on what has happened and are still researching looks like an alien to them till now.
The LTI share amount is gone to that fake account & if any dividend / bonus or any kind of money must have gone to that account. I did connect with Federal Bank and found that account does not exits. So to all in this comunity kindly call up and check if such fake account exist in your Dmat setup.

Also address change suppose to happen in 24-48 hours its been more than that I had uploaded via app & now manual form was email to them. still update is pending.
It make me think is the fake account setup done by A?

This I am writing so you people can track your account before the amount is lost

Hey Javed

We will investigate this along with our customer support and tech team to understand the history.
Since we will be need your personal information to get in touch and community is accessible to public, would request you to fill angone.in/WAO/Y5o4YU and we understand the anxiety this would have caused.
We will prioritise this on immediate basis, please confirm here once you fill the form