Exicom's IPO open on 27th Feb

Exicom Tele-Systems, a company that makes chargers for electric vehicles, is going to start selling its shares to the public from February 27 to February 29. Before that, on February 26, some big investors will buy shares. The company plans to raise money by selling new shares worth Rs 329 crore, and some existing shareholders will also sell 70.42 lakh shares. People think the price of each share might be around Rs 140.
The owners of Exicom Tele-Systems are NextWave Communications, Satellite Finance, Vinsan Brothers, and HFCL. NextWave Communications owns the most, with 76.55 percent, followed by Satellite Finance with 4.64 percent, Vinsan Brothers with 4.35 percent, and HFCL with 7.74 percent. HFCL’s share price has gone up more than 30 percent this year because of the news about Exicom’s IPO.