Elin Electronics IPO - All You Need to Know

Draft documents were submitted to the SEBI by Elin Electronics Ltd. in order to raise Rs. 475 crores through an IPO.

An offer for sale of up to Rs. 300 crores and a fresh issue of shares worth Rs. 175 crores each comprise the IPO.

The promoters and current stockholders will participate in OFS. It includes shares valued up to Rs. 32,10 crore from Kamal Sethia, Rs. 52,50 crore from Kishore Sethia, Rs. 47,40 crore from Gaurav Sethia, Rs. 12,20 crore from Sanjeev Sethia, Rs. 15,60 crore from Vasudha Sethia, and Rs. 9,10 crore from Vinay Kumar Sethia.

The issue’s main managers are Axis Capital and JM Financial. Click here to Apply for Elin electronics IPO.

About Elin Electronics Limited

One of the biggest makers of fractional horsepower motors in India, the firm is a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider of end-to-end product solutions. Its product line also includes terminal blocks, stainless steel blades, die casting, radio sets, small appliances, fractional horsepower motors, medical diagnostic cartridges, LED lights, fans, and switches in addition to sheet metal and plastic-moulded parts and components.

The Indian EMS market is expected to reach a value of Rs. 9,96,300 crores by 2026 with a CAGR of 30.3 per cent, up from a projected value of Rs. 2,65,400 crores in 2021. In 2021, Elin Electronics had a 12% market share. It is one of the major companies in the LED lighting and flashlight sectors, with an EMS market share of 7%, and in the small appliances sector, with an EMS market share of 10.7% in 2021. Three production sites owned by the corporation are strategically positioned in Verna, Himachal Pradesh’s Baddi, and Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad (Goa). The large-scale setup, which permits bringing efficiency and economies of scale, consists of 149 units of moulding machines and 105 units of power presses.