Documents rejected

My account application rejected and it’s showing please upload a valid address proof . Ok I accept it and I want to upload my address proof documents but the question is where and how there no options to submit this way this type you can do that thing nothing . So how can a person resubmit the document. I try to do past 15 days. Worst customer service ever.

Please do needful



Hi @Manjot we are extremely sorry to hear about your disappointing experience, can you please share a screenshot of the issue you are facing along with the Client ID? Also, we’d encourage you to not share your personal details openly on the public platform.

Yes bro…even I faced the same problem…can anyone tell me how to re solve this problem?

Looking forever for your reply

Hi @Manjot We had requested you to share your client ID, still awaiting that, you can try doing the re-KRA from this link here; KRA

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Its not, its been one year aprox