Deep links in android / ios / web for instant trades

It would be a great feature if you implement deep links, android ios intents. Instead of telebot API, intents can work very well. as a person tap on link, the dialog open inside angel app, with defined data, then the user can tap place order.

for example: Whatsapp chat link Share on WhatsApp

it has 2 parameters above, phone number & text

Same way it can be created for Angel One
?tradingsymbol ?exchange ?producttype ?qty ?price

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@drona2938 that’s an amazing idea :exploding_head:

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Thank you for your suggestion regarding the implementation of deep links and intent support in the Angel mobile trading app. While we appreciate your feedback, it’s important to note that the Angel mobile trading app and the Telebot are two different products.

The Angel mobile trading app is a standalone app that allows users to execute trades on their mobile devices, while the Telebot is a use case of our Publisher APIs powered by SmartAPI. Publisher APIs enable fintech companies and content creators to embed trade buttons on their websites and apps, which can then be used to execute trades using the Angel platform and is mainly used for rendering baskets and placing orders.

At this time, deep links and intent support are not in our product roadmap for the Angel mobile trading app. However, we will certainly consider your suggestion for future updates. Thank you for your feedback.