Dark horse stock of the day: We Win Ltd rallied 44% within two sessions

The shares of We Win Ltd experienced a sharp rise today, hitting the upper circuit. It began the day at Rs 62.69, a substantial 11.33% up compared to the previous day's closing price of Rs 56.31. The stock surged by 20% during the intraday session with significant volume. 

Currently, while writing this article the shares of the company are up by Rs 11.26 and at Rs 67.57 on BSE. Moreover, it has touched a new 52-week high of Rs 67.57 today. The stock is trading in a blue-sky zone. 

Upon analysing today's share volumes, it can be observed that there has been a significant increase of more than 5.35 times in volumes on the BSE. 


The stock's 52-week highs and lows stand at Rs 67.57 and Rs 33.20, respectively. With a market capitalisation of just Rs 68.66 Crore, the stock has displayed remarkable performance in recent times, delivering a 75% return over the last month and an impressive 93% return in the last one years.

Financial Performance

If we check the company’s financials, in FY23 annual revenue experienced a substantial increase of 17.26% YoY, rising from Rs 41.61 crore to Rs 48.79 crore. The operating profit of the company stands at Rs 4.76 crore, accompanied by an operating profit margin of 9.8%. Furthermore, the net profit of the company amounts to Rs 2.4 crore. 

The company's return on capital employed (ROCE) and return on equity (ROE) are at 14% and 10.8%, respectively. The Book value of the company is Rs 23.3, whereas the Price to book value is 2.9 times. Furthermore, the price to earnings is 28.5 times. 

Regarding ownership, the promoters of the company possess 70.80% of the company's shares. Whereas both foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and domestic institutional investors (DIIs) do not hold any stakes in the company. The remaining portion, which accounts for 29.20%, is owned by public investors. 

Business Overview 

We Win Limited is a prominent company dedicated to providing comprehensive digital transformation services. With a primary focus on enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the company offers a wide range of solutions, including call centre and support centre services. Their diverse service portfolio encompasses contact centre management, lead generation, e-commerce management, and artificial intelligence (AI) operations. 

Its contact centre services cater to various crucial aspects, including inbound and outbound calling, back-office support, customer care assistance, sales call centre operations and telemarketing sales. They excel in lead generation services, utilizing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads, as well as specializing in branding and targeted lead generation strategies. 

Additionally, it offers e-commerce management services that encompass catalogue creation, category management, product listing, sales generation services, website development, and effective pay-per-click campaigns. Their expertise in AI operations is demonstrated through services such as image annotation, data annotation, video annotation, text annotation, and content moderation. 

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