Corporate Actions Are NOT Adjusted on Charts in Real Time - Please Fix This

I’m surprised too see that corporate actions aren’t adjusted on a real-time basis on the charts. A couple of days ago, IIFL FINANCE (IIFL) has announced a RIGHTS ISSUE and the same is effected immediately at EOD (Tuesday 23 April 2024) on Tradingview, Zerodha and even Fyers, but not on AngelOne.

Till now, my first preference was that of AngelOne’s charts but the issue arose, when the Angel charts are showing a breakout today, whereas it has already broken out on the previous day (for charts that have been rights adjusted).

If a broker like Fyers does this in real-time but Angel (who always say that the charting experience is best and this and that), I’m sorry to say, doesn’t even know how to adjust a chart for a corporate action in real time.

Please solve this issue, to adjust all charts for corporate actions in real-time. This is urgent and very very important.

Result of your charts: This was my best month and had to take a hit because I went with your charts. I’m really disappointed with the charts are not being updated with corporate actions in real time right now.